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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 11, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we begin with developing news from san jose where a teenager has been shot and killed. ktvu's matt killer arrive on if scene just about 20 minutes ago so matt what can you tell us about what you learned so far. >> frank, i just spoke with the san jose police department spokesperson and he told me that the victim was found right past these police cars up here and too the right there on fair haven drive. he told me the first call came in around 3: 3:20 as a car accident and paramedics found a 16-year-old near a vehicle. police told me it appears it was a gunshot wound and likely a homicide. the body is still here on the scene as officers investigate. this is the city's 44th homicide of the year making it a 20 year high for san jose. we'll of course continue to get the latest information on this case and bring you the details tonight on the 10:00 news, reporting live in san jose,
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matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. developing news now in just the last 30 minutes we have learned two people were killed and a third person was injured in a shooting at a busy shopping mall in clackamas. the suspected gunman is also dead though they are not saying how he died. you're looking right now at live pictures from the scene. you can see it's an aerial picture here. a lot of light coming from the shopping center. this is all coming southeast of portland. now witnesses say the shooter was wearing a camouflage and a mask. a white hockey mask to be specific when he entered through a macy's store then went into a food court and started firing. he reportedly was using a rifle when he opened fire inside that crowded mall. so just a headline right now. two people dead. a third person injured and the shooter is also dead making that three dead here at this shooting outside of portland oregon. hayward police arrested two
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men today suspected of robbing a jewelry store. police say after threatening the store worker he stole more than $140,000 in jewelry then took off with another man who was waiting in a car. but police caught up with both of them about a mile away. >> the vehicle came to a stop at calrogan peterman where the vehicle stopped by its own with several units behind him. the driver was detained inside the vehicle. the mall is increasing its security now. both men are facing charges of robbery and fleeing from police. san francisco police say they arrested five people today in connection with a homicide case involving a man and woman found bound and gagged on a residential street. the victims were discovered on brussel street in the visitation valley neighborhood on sunday night. the man identified today as 26- year-old steven reed died at the hospital. the woman in her late teens is
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expected to survive. police tell us they are still investigating. >> it was established there was an extensive relationship between the victim and suspects in this case. >> 31-year-old maelene lintz and montrail brackens are facing charges. tyler miller and heather leach are facing accessory to murder charges. investigators have spent the afternoon trying to figure out what happened here. robert handa has the story. >> reporter: investigators scrambled to investigate the scene before it got dark.
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a look at the vane shows where a driver in a uc work vehicle went off the road and tumbled down landing upside down on north hamilton rode. people on the scene describe what they saw. >> it looked like it was a ford ranger that fell 100 feet or so from a cliff. it looks like it came from a residence of a -- it was somebody who lives up there that works for the observatory and the uc school system. >> reporter: some visitors were stunned by the circumstances. >> i had near misses on the way up and the way back with people crossing over to avoid bicyclists and other things. so i don't know why? it's hard to believe that someone would actually have that kind of an accident if they're used to driving up here. but it happens. >> reporter: other visitors said they considered coming up tomorrow because of the possibility of snow. but not after this accident. >> especially icy or snowy. it's hard enough just driving when it's dry but when it's snow, the switch backs and the
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winding roads just becomes very dangerous. >> and within the past 45 minutes emergency vehicles and some of the workers began leaving the scene. and at this point officials will only say the investigation is ongoing. live near mount hamilton, robert handa. >> reporter: san francisco police are asking for help tracking three people in an armed robbery that was caught on video. it happened back in july. the video you're looking at here shows one man with a gun assaulting the victim. and a second man running up behind him. now police say that the video you're looking at here is of their get away car driven by a third system. anyone with information is asked to contact san francisco police. the suspected killer of sierra lamar is expected to be
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arranged tomorrow. torrez is accused of attacking at two safeway stores. garcia torrez is also expected to enter a plea tomorrow in the la mar case. a hayward woman displaced by a fire thinks someone was trying to kill both her and her 8-year-old son. someone threw a molotov cocktail right into the apartment on dixon street when crews arrived early this morning this is what they found. fire crews say the apartment burned for a while before people called for help. >> it may have been a 10 or 15 minute lapse before someone actually called 911. >> fire investigators say they found an accel era nt on the living room wall and that helped spread the fire.
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high water levels caused that large sinning -- sink hole. fraud and bribery are just some of the crimes reported against state employees. john sasaki looked at a list of those crimes and joins us now with what he found. >> reporter: it shows a government that has fraud and a large state of departments perpetrated in a number of ways. from april 2011 through june 2012 there were more than 1,400 investigations and 15 cases in a loss to the state.
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>> taxpayer money should be handled carefully. >> reporter: in some cases a courier were charged. >> unfortunately human beings being how we are. some people will take advantage of situations. >> reporter: the state athletic commission overpaid 18 inspectors nearly 119,000 hours in overtime. >> less time on bills more time on oversight, you do it in local government and it's better in local government. so people have to be held accountable. >> reporter: and the natural resources agency circumvented by reimbursing $48,000 to pay for their commutes to and from work. the state is grateful for the whistle blowers that came forward. >> typically it's another state employee that sees that something is going on and something wrong is happening and they report it to us. >> they should be honored as
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you know taxpayer heros. citizen heros. in another case, a fish and game supervisor legally obtained and spent $1,000 in home depot gift cards that had no decernable state purpose. the city's finance director says the safeway gas station, in and out burger and a big store are contributors to a sales tax bump. it's a first in the country and it's going to help a group of uc berkeley students who thought their dreams of a college education might never become a reality. ktvu's sal castaneda is live at cal tonight with the $1 million gift to these students and also
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why not everyone is cheering about this, sal. >> reporter: well frank, university officials say this money may help a lot of bright students stay in school but where they might not other wise be able to. today uc berkeley announced a $1 million scholarship for low income undocumented students. a student at uc berkeley says she's happy about scholarships to help students like her. >> money, money to go to school. money to like you know pay for your rent. money to buy food. >> reporter: kiki is one of 200 students from 20 different countries attending berkeley who are undocumented. although undocumented students qualify for state financial aid, they don't qualify for federal grants or loans. counselors here say the new money will help fill in the gap and will also send a message. >> what it tells our students is if you work hard and you get
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into uc berkeley now you have support. what happened in the past, is students got accepted and they were really excited but then the next question was, how do i pay for it. >> we're really looking forward with students outside of california to help them build sustainable programs that are going to help with these populations. >> reporter: the hass family has also donated an extra $300,000. they say that money is also going to go to support services for undocumented immigrants. we're live tonight in berkeley. sal castaneda, ktvu. a new federal report is questioning whether two surgeons contributed to the death of at least one patient. the investigation was launched after surgeons introduced bacteria into the open head wounds of three patients back in 2010. the centers for medicare and medicaid services report says
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that patients were sickened by a type of live bowel bacteria. the agency could block the hospital from receiving medicare and medicaid funding according to the sacramento bee. we're learning more about an explosive device discovered at a bay area elementary school. >> you have kids here and you're worried because you're a parent. >> i'm tracking a storm rolling into the bay area just hours from now. the detailed time frame on showers and a dramatic temperature drop. >> the letter detailing how a school principal failed to follow the law after allegations of sexual abuse at her school.
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in sunny vale police are investigating a pair of attacks
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near the caltrans station. both happened after midnight. officers say a woman told them a man with a gun took her purse. a man reported being pushed down by two men and one reportedly was carrying a gun. the assailants demanded money but got away with nothing. students and teachers returned to pleasant hill elementary school today as police review surveillance video of the location where a pipe bomb was found on campus. ktvu's alex sadvige met with the principal and police to find out more about this bomb scare and another in the city just a few days before. >> right here. >> reporter: today principal angela hopkins points out where the device was found. >> i cannot tell you how lucky i feel because i know it had the ability to blow out the windows and hurt people. we have 700 little bodies to
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keep safe. >> reporter: all the students were moved to keep them safe. >> make sure there were no other devices in any of the other schools. >> reporter: after a frightening ordeal yesterday, parents are praising the job. >> they did a very good job, very responsive. >> reporter: here at the entrance of the school there's a surveillance camera pointed directly at these bushes where the pipeline were found. police right now are reviewing that video trying to figure out who left it here. the pipeline itself is being checked for fingerprints and trace evidence. so far investigators have not linked the pipe bomb to one that blew up in a mailbox saturday. the devices were constructed differently in each case. two teenage boys were connected
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in connection with the mailbox collection. the lieutenant described it as a prank. >> we haven't been able to find any evidence that these kids were trying to hurt anyone. they certainly did a number on the mailbox. >> reporter: those two teens who aren't being identified because they are under age have been released to their parents and so far they haven't been charged. in pleasant hill, alex sadvige, ktvu. new information tonight on a story we first broke about a principal's failure to report allegations of sexual abuse in san jose's evergreen school district. superintendent katherine gomez has now sent a letter to parents and admits she was legally required to report the allegations to law enforcement and failed to do so. gomez says district wide training about mandatory reporting laws is now taking place. they are also launching a child assault prevention program for students. the moraga school board will describe three claims of
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sexual abuse and a lawsuit filed by students in tonight's school district meeting. the students claim to have been abused by a teacher in the 90s. users will start to see the change within the next comes days. fresh crab will soon be available in restaurants across the bay area. crab fishermen are getting their pots ready after agrees to $3 a pound. boats have been docked since december 5th following a price drop of $2.50 a pounds. fresh crab should be back in stores and restaurants by friday. the weather system affecting the bay area. very different than the one we saw a week ago that was warm
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and moist. this is very cold and not that wet. there'll be rain but not a lot because there's cold air coming down from the gulf is going to keep things from being explosive if you will. we're not going to see an inch or two inches of rain. we're going to see .1, maybe .25 of an inch of rain. a big change in this storm. there's some impulse behind this too as we go into the gulf and beyond. the overnight lows are cool. the biggest thing you will notice besides the moist temperature, the moist air when you get up because there'll be some sprinkles lingering. is how much cooler the overnight low is going to be. then how much cooler the days are going to be. we had 70s yesterday. tomorrow we're going to have temperatures just in the mid- 50s. showers develop by about 9:00 or 10:00 today. come back tonight at 10:00 and we'll be on the air and i'll
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show you those showers. in those showers work their way through the bay area most likely before your computer. - - before your commute. most areas shouldn't have too much problems. what you will notice it'll be wet on the roadways. there's the computer model and here goes 1:00 a.m. see how quickly it's moving. then it moves into 3:00 a.m. roads are wet. a few scattered sprinkles. now it's 8:00 a.m. and most people are moving around, and it's basically done. that's around noontime then it's gone. another weekend impulse slides in here. that's another cold one. the take away here is light sprinkles. morning commute, you're not going to have rainfall falling from the sky and you're going to have very cool starting temperatures and after that we will see temperatures in the freezing range on thursday and friday and maybe into saturday morning in the coolest spots. a big change in temperatures as
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well as cloud cover. >> boy it sure is. >> yeah. >> 70 degrees yesterday. >> 55 tomorrow. >> thank you, bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. repairs to a storm damaged road in lafayette are certainly a matter of days not months. city leaders explain how the deal came together to put repairs on the fast track. and a special delivery to congress today that may turn up the heat to reach a compromise on a so called fiscal cliff. join us at 7:00 on tv 36. meeting the need this holiday season. the scramble to make sure children have a happy holiday.
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officials in palo alto are putting off a decision on a new downtown parking rule. the city council voted yesterday to suspend a zoning exception that lowers parking requirements for new development. council members are still divided on whether to review the process. organizers with working partnerships say it's a real scramble every year to make sure children don't go without at their annual holiday party at the santa clara county
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fairgrounds. >> we've been doing it a number of years but it's always frightening to know are we going to get enough toys because the one thing we don't want are kids invited to a party, they are looking forward to it. and suddenly, santa has nothing for them. >> if you would like to support a bay area organization or charity during this holiday season, just go to, we've included information on how you can donate. prevaccinations are being offered to keep children healthy this flu season. the sack -- the vaccinations are available at most target locations. a big game coming up sunday night. >> yeah, make your plans, get in front of the tv all cozy on sunday night. two huge road games loom for the 49ers and their bid to lock up positions in the upcoming
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play offs. the audience will see the 49ers and patriots on sunday night a new england team that looked play off ready last night against the houston texans. in new england's last seven games brady has thrown 19 touchdown passes. the 49ers well aware they'll have to bring their a game. >> you have to have detail. that's the biggest thing. you have to have your details now. if you're slack in any area, tom brady will eat it up any time he has a chance. >> they have a lot of weapons that can make plays but we're really fighting against tom brady. he has the keys to the car and we definitely have to stop him. >> brady calls all the plays, makes all the checks. we have to come out this weekend and be ready for him on
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sunday. >> the new orleans saints bounty gate scandal took another turn today. scaglia nullified the suspensions of jonathan vilma, will smith, fujita. the coaches were most responsible for creating the culture in which monetary rewards were given for injuring opponent team's players. most notably sean peyton. >> we want too look at a scene of a shopping mall near portland oregon. this is where a man dressed in camouflage and a mask opened fire late this afternoon killing two people and wounding a third person. we are following this developing story. >> join us tonight on the 10:00 news we're working to get more information on the shooter, the victims and also what witnesses say happened. thank you so much for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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